Getting Started #4 - Import/Export

June 20, 2020
In this video, Simon will show you how MTG PowerTools makes buying and appraising collections quick and easy.


Can I be sure that the imported articles are the correct versions of the card?

Yes. In cases where PowerTools is unsure, the article won't be imported, and instead you'll see it in the list of failed imports.

An article in my .csv is correctly formatted, but still fails to import. Why?

When importing from other sources (currently only is supported), the expansion name might not match the expansion name that given card has on Cardmarket. We are working on making sure this happens as infrequently as possible, but if it does happen, you'll have to input those cards manually.

Can I import a collection from ___________?

Currently, only exports from and MTG PowerTools itself are supported. For exports from different sources, you'll have to format your file to fit the MTG PowerTools format (you can find out what it is by downloading the example import csv). If you think we should support importing from some specific source, let us know at [email protected]

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